Going To Vegas
4th of July

Las Vegas for the 4th of July

Sat, May 28, 2016

The 4th of July is all about freedom and independence. Name a city in the US with more freedom and independence than Las Vegas. That’s why a Vegas vacation on the 4th of July is perfect.
Here’s what you should know about coming to Las Vegas on the 4th of July

1. Book early. It’s not the busiest Holiday, but one of the busiest of the summer.
2. Hotels will be close to full, and rooms on the Strip and Downtown may be more expensive than usual.

Pool Parties for the Fourth of July

What’s the fourth of July without a pool party? Every casino has a pool. Here are some of the wettest ways to stay cool on this holiday.
1. The Beach at Mandalay Bay
2. Hard Rock Pool
3. Monte Carlo Las Vegas Pool
4. Venetian Las Vegas Pool
5. Pool at the Flamingo
6. Tropicana Pool
7. Garden of the Gods at Caesars Palace
8. Pool at the Mirage
9. MGM Grand Pools
10. Swimming Pool at the Rio

Every hotel has a pool, and most on the Strip are throwing some type of party for the Fourth of July. Many of them even feature fireworks and a BBQ. This can vary from year to year, so check with the hotel you’re thinking of staying at during your trip.