Going To Vegas

Going to Las Vegas Alone

Wed, Oct 09, 2013

Whether you’re holed up in Vegas on a business trip, or you just decided to take a little vacation by yourself, you’re going to have plenty to do in Las Vegas. So put down the remote and step bravely out of your hotel room. Time to have some fun!


You don’t need a wingman or a significant other to lose your money in Vegas, in fact most gamblers prefer to lose their money alone. Slot Machines are the simplest. Just insert your money and push the button or pull the lever. Table games offer more human interaction.

The most popular include blackjack, poker, roulette, and craps. There are a number of others as well. To learn more check out our gambling section, and if you don’t know the rules don’t worry, dealers are happy to help and most casinos offer courses daily.


There are a million of them, so whether you’re looking for a great meal or a fun atmosphere you have plenty of options. Check out our restaurant guide for a more comprehensive overview.

Chances are the hotel you are staying at has several great restaurants right inside.


There are a few things that you just have to see while visiting Las Vegas, whether alone or with others. Some of the more popular free attractions include:

  • Viva Vision – Located Downtown, a giant screen over all of Fremont Street hosting nightly shows usually every half an hour.
  • Bellagio Fountains – You can see the dancing water show from nearly anywhere on the Strip, it’s even cooler from close up as the fountain show is synchronized with different music.
  • Mirage Volcano – It’s not a real volcano, but it is real fire and you can literally feel the heat of it from the street.
  • Sirens of TI – A wonderful show put on nightly in front of TI, weather permitting.
  • Lion Habitat – Inside MGM, see the massive enclosure with these beautiful creatures interacting as they would in the wild.
  • Wildlife Habitat – Located inside the Flamingo. Naturally they have Flamingos as well as other feathered creatures.


Vegas has some of the coolest shows in the world, and various casinos have shows nightly so there is always something to see, from comedians to performers and other various acts. Perhaps the most well-known are the shows by the theatre company Cirque du Soleil. You can catch O at Bellagio, LOVE at Mirage, Zumanity in New York-New York, Mystere in TI, and many more. See our Entertainment section for a guide.


From bars to nightclubs to strip clubs, Las Vegas was made for anyone who likes to party to the wee hours of the morning. A lot of people get anxious going to any of these places alone, but you’re bound to find others who are here on vacation or by themselves just like you. After a few drinks you’ll be having a great time. Check out our Nightlife section for more details.


Perhaps the coolest is the Bodies Exhibit inside the Luxor. These are real human bodies donated and preserved so that all of the inner-workings are visible. It’s educational, not scary, but don’t let the “educational” part scare you away either, it really is a must see. Madame Tussaud’s is an amazing wax museum located in the Venetian and has over 100 of the most realistic wax sculptures you’ve ever seen. “Titanic” is also within the Luxor, and features artifacts and recreations of the famed ship. If art is your thing, check out the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. In addition to these, you’ll find many more exhibits and attractions in our Entertainment section.

There is a ton to do in Vegas, even if you’re by yourself. So get out of your hotel room and have a great time. We have a full list of great things to do by yourself or with others in the Entertainment section, so check it out and see what catches your fancy.