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Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year in Las Vegas

Tue, Aug 06, 2013

Las Vegas is a hugely popular tourist destination for many Chinese, and they love celebrating their New Year here in Sin City. It is not nearly as big as our New Year naturally, but almost every casino will be displaying banners celebrating the upcoming event, you will see uniquely Chinese themes everywhere from the Bellagio Conservatory, to Panda themes and other exhibits denoting the event, and the hotels on the Strip and Downtown will be close to full during the 15 day celebration leading up to Chinese New Year.

The Chinese calendar is determined in large part by the lunar phases, and so the exact date can vary from year to year, but it usually begins late January to early or mid February with the first new moon, and continues for 15 days. It ends with the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of celebration. You will notice also if you are in Vegas during this time, that yellow and red are the primary colors, much like our Holiday Season often uses Red and Green, and much of the decoration will be centered on whichever year it is.

The years rotate, and are called “the year of the...”

  • Rat
  • Ox
  • Tiger
  • Rabbit
  • Dragon
  • Snake
  • Horse
  • Sheep
  • Monkey
  • Rooster
  • Dog
  • Pig

Starting February 3, 2011 and lasting until January 23, 2012 for instance it will be Year of the Rabbit.