Going To Vegas

Conventions and Other Popular Las Vegas Weekends

Mon, Jun 10, 2013

There is almost always something going on in Vegas. The following are popular weekends and conventions during which you may want to book way ahead of time or pay a premium for staying:

CES or Consumer Electronics Show – First week in January.
MAGIC or Men’s Apparel Guild – Third week of February.
NASCAR – In March.
ShoWest, a movie theatre convention – Either first or second week of March.
National Association of Broadcasters – First week of April.

Memorial Day Weekend – End of May.
MAGIC again – Usually third week in August.
Labor Day Weekend – The first Monday in September, so the preceding weekend.
Columbus Day Weekend – Second Monday in October, so the preceding weekend.
Veterans Day Weekend – Celebrated on November 11, Vegas will be busier the weekend before if it is during the week.
NFR or National Finals Rodeo – Early December and hugely popular. Many hotels may be filled.