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Cool Rooms

Cool Hotel Rooms

Tue, Jul 16, 2013

The rule of thumb is if you have a room in Las Vegas it’s pretty cool but there are some super cool rooms in Las Vegas, the kind you won’t find anywhere else. This ranges from themed rooms to the ultra high-tech, luxurious, or expensive. Often these rooms are reserved for regular high rollers at a specific casino or the famous, and you may not be able to book it even if you have the cash (some don’t even have a price).
One recently closed hotel north of the Strip on Las Vegas Blvd was perhaps the only place you could find cut-rate deals on really cool rooms.

One recently closed hotel north of the Strip on Las Vegas Blvd was perhaps the only place you could find cut-rate deals on really cool rooms. Ron Decar’s Las Vegas Hotel was one of those shotgun wedding places dotting Vegas, but set itself apart by offering more than a vibrating bed. It had Egyptian, Blue Hawaii, Camelot, Cupid, Gangster, Goth, Elvis and many other themed rooms, and you could get one along with a themed wedding package. Some of the suites started as low as $125/ night, which is a steal anywhere on Las Vegas Blvd, even the seedier north end.

Alas it is closed as of now, and whether it will reopen is a mystery. Today “cool room” is synonymous with expensive anywhere in Las Vegas.

Hidden Treasures

Unless you work in certain areas of a hotel or unless you are a regular high roller you may never discover places like the Mirage Villas. Not the top floor, on the ground level hidden behind an inconspicuous door next to the ticket counter for LOVE and other shows. Nestled within the tropical greenery of the Mirage Pool and Secret Garden, quite hidden away from the masses are a series of highly luxurious villas. Expensive art hangs on every wall, every piece of fabric is only of the highest quality, and each room is served by a team of Butlers. Some of the rooms have miniature golf courses, all of them drip with luxury.

Because these rooms are often reserved for private individuals, it is hard to get a lot of details. Mirage Villas are the only “hidden treasure” we have first-hand knowledge of but other hotels we know have similar set ups are the Bellagio and Caesars Palace, Bellagio lists their Villa prices starting at $6,000/ night. Our guess is most hotels on the Strip designed by Steve Wynn have something similar hidden somewhere – if not every hotel on the Strip.

The Palms

Unlike some of the older casinos on the Strip, Palms doesn’t bother hiding its insanely luxurious rooms. In fact a couple have been featured on various reality shows.

  • Kingpin Suite – Features regulation bowling lanes. $15,000/ night.
  • Hardwood Suite – Has a basketball court, and they write your name on the court when you reserve it. $25,000/ night.
  • If you’re poor try the G-Suite – Designed after the Ghost Bar only $3,000 - $5,000/ night.
  • Sky Villas – 9,000 sq. ft. with an indoor and outdoor pool and wine glass shaped Jacuzzi, price not listed.
  • Music Fantasy – Palms picks you up anywhere in a private jet. They let you record with your favorite musician and make a CD. You get to stay for 3 nights in some amazing room. For an undisclosed price.
  • Hugh Hefner Sky Villa – Listed as one of the most expensive rooms in the world, features artwork selected by Hefner and a Jacuzzi which hangs over the side of the Palms tower and can seat 24.

Other Hotels with Amazing Rooms

  • Las Vegas Hilton – Some sources will tell you these are the “most expensive” suites in Vegas. Not true, see above. However they are some of the nicer suites around, and they are the largest.
  • MGM’s The Mansion – Second largest suites in Vegas (minus some of the insane themed suites at palms) rooms are around 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Villas at the Venetian’s Suites – Not a lot of information on these, but we imagine it is something similar to what the Mirage offers, which is likely much like the Villas at Caesars and Bellagio.
  • Golden Nugget – Features two story suites for high rollers, and is perhaps the only ultra luxurious place to stay Downtown – though we cannot confirm that.
  • Red Rock Resort’s High Roller Suites – These come with your own Butler.

While some of the amazing rooms in Las Vegas can be bought for a price, many are reserved for what are known as “whales.” And whales generally get the rooms for free... if they gamble that is.

If you were wondering what it takes to be a whale, put your wallet down and stop checking your bank. If you don’t know you aren’t one:

Average $500,000/ hour gambling. That’s not a typo and the 0 on my typewriter didn’t get stuck.