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Las Vegas Dining Guide

Tue, Jul 02, 2013

Itís not hard to find a great place to eat in Las Vegas. It is one of the many things this town is known for and there are more restaurants here per capita than perhaps anywhere else in the world. Fresh food, like fish, clams and oysters from the east coast are flown in every day, you can often get fresher food in the middle of this desert than you can from the places where the food actually comes from. Virtually every dish in the world can be found somewhere in Las Vegas.


There was a time when buffets were free to gamblers in Vegas, thatís not the case anymore (unless you get comped) but you can find a great deal on endless buffets in Las Vegas. Just about every casino has one and they range from fine dining to quick and cheap eateries.

Fine Dining

A $700 dollar plate isnít uncommon in Las Vegas. Paris has a $777 Kobe Beef meal.

There are plenty of restaurants in Las Vegas where a party of two could rack up a bill in the thousands and more and not even get that full. Not all fine dining requires a second mortgage though. Find out where to go for fine dining at a range of different prices in Las Vegas.

Cheap Dining

Skipping the fast food and buffets, there are plenty of decent restaurants that wonít break your gambling budget. Find out where to get a relatively cheap meal around Las Vegas.

Themed Restaurants

You canít turn a corner around the Strip without finding a theme of one sort or another. This goes for where you eat as well, rock themes, high tea themes, mean waiter themes and much more. Find out some of the popular and fun themed restaurants around Las Vegas.