Going To Vegas

Las Vegas Discounts

Tue, Jun 25, 2013

Everyone wants a discount right? Visiting Las Vegas can get expensive, especially if you like to gamble. If you want to find out how to visit Vegas on the cheap, check out our visiting Las Vegas on a Budget section. There are ways to save a lot of money on a Vegas trip with a little research. In addition to some great deals, you can find discounts and coupons. Scroll down for a link to some great savings.

Getting a Discount on a Room in Las Vegas

Room rates depend on how busy a hotel is. If there is a major Holiday or during the summer rooms are more expensive, so look for a room in the off Season if possible. Naturally rooms off the Strip are less expensive.

I Like to Gamble, How Do I Save Money?

The odds are always in the house’s favor, so gamble for a good time not to make money and not to “pay for your trip.” If you do win that’s awesome, but go in assuming you’re going to lose a certain amount of money. Make a gambling budget and try to stick to it. As you’re throwing chips on the table it’s easy to forget they represent actual money, so keep that in mind. Also, you may want to look at off Strip and Downtown casinos for lower limits.

Las Vegas Coupons!

Various hotels, wedding chapels, clubs, shows, and everything in between offer coupons at certain times. Check out this great link for regularly updated coupons and try to save some money. You can also find some Vegas freebies if you want to budget on the cheap.

Las Vegas Entertainment Book

Las Vegas offers the Entertainment book, where you can find hundreds of great vouchers, including 2 for 1 meals, discounts on shows and attractions and lots more. You can order it online here