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Las Vegas Divorce Parties

Sun, Jun 16, 2013

The only thing faster than a Vegas wedding is a Vegas divorce... well maybe itís not quite as fast as a Vegas wedding, but often it can take as few as 16 days. Perhaps that is why Vegas is not only the marriage capital of the world, but the divorce capital of the world as well. More importantly, Las Vegas is the divorce party capital of the world. Whether you want to start your party before or after is up to you but Vegas is definitely the place to visit if you are celebrating your newly found freedom.

Divorce parties are often thrown a lot like Bachelor and Bachelorette parties from bar hoping to nightclubs and strip clubs later in the night, so for some great ideas you may want to check out those two sections.

Another popular option is to throw kind of an anti-wedding. There are a number of Las Vegas caterers and event planners who will set the whole thing up, from a wedding cake cleverly missing the groom or bride, to other divorce party favors. A few great event planners that who will be able to help you with your divorce party include:

Vegas Hotspots Ė Offers full catering for all types of events.

Sapphires Ė A great strip club for hosting events and providing both male and female strippers. Sapphires is the largest strip club in the world.

Vegas VIP Ė Hosts all types of parties.

Vegas Bachelorette Service, LLC Ė Donít let the name fool you, they cater to reformed Bachelorettes as well.

Sienna Entertainment Ė Great for all types of events in the Vegas area.

And there are quite a few other planning services that can help you with your divorce party as well.

Like a Bachelor or Bachelorette party, a divorce party is all about having fun, so you are going to want to stay where action the is. You really canít go wrong with any hotel on the Strip, and many of them even offer event packages that will cover a divorce party. Off the strip, and some of the most popular party hotel casinos include The Palms, Hard Rock, and the Rio.

Whether youíre beginning a relationship, ending one, or just need a break from the one your in, Vegas is definitely the place for you.