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Las Vegas Flights

Fri, May 24, 2013

How Much Do Flights to Las Vegas Cost?

Flight costs vary wildly, depending on the airline, your seating, fuel costs, season, how busy an airport is, when you make your reservation, how much luggage you have, etc, etc, etc. You can find a flight from L.A. to Las Vegas for around $75 if you reserve a couple weeks in advance and it’s during the week (not the weekend) and there are no holidays or special events that week.

On the other hand, it may cost $300 for the same seat on the same airline for a Friday flight on a busy weekend if you reserve the day before. The only way to know is going to an airline’s website and entering the day you want to fly.

How Long Does it Take to Fly to Las Vegas?

Minus connecting flights and delays, here is approximately how long flights take from cities with the busiest airports:


  • Los Angeles – 27 minutes
  • New York – 4 hours 28 minutes
  • Chicago – 3 hours
  • Dallas – 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Atlanta – 4 hours 16 minutes
  • Denver – 1 hour 13 minutes
  • Houston – 2 hours 27 minutes
  • San Francisco – 50 minutes
  • Phoenix – 31 minutes
  • Charlotte – 3 hours 50 minutes
  • Miami/Orlando – 4 hours 22 minutes
  • St. Paul – 2 hours 36 minutes
  • Seattle – 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Detroit – 3 hours 31 minutes
  • Philadelphia – 4 hours 21 minutes
  • Boston – 4 hours 45 minutes
  • Washington D.C. – 4 hours 45 minutes
  • Honolulu – 5 hours 31 minutes


  • London – 10 hours 28 minutes
  • Paris – 10 hours 52 minutes
  • Hong Kong – 14 hours 34 minutes
  • Frankfurt – 11 hours 9 minutes
  • Dubai – 16 hours 19 minutes
  • Amsterdam – 10 hours 42 minutes
  • Singapore – 17 hours 41 minutes
  • Seoul – 11 hours 59 minutes
  • Shanghai – 13 hours 5 minutes
  • Tokyo – 11 hours 5 minutes
  • Madrid – 11 hours 13 minutes
    • How to Save Money on Your Flight

      There is no magical trick to saving money on a flight to Las Vegas unfortunately. These basic (and for the most part well-known) tactics are basically the same no matter where you are flying:

      1. Round trip is cheaper than a one way if using the same airline for both – not that anyone would want to leave Las Vegas but if you have to at some point anyway.
      2. Check for “Ticket Consolidators” in your local paper. They buy blocks of tickets at a discount to fill seats.
      3. During off seasons you may have some luck with standby – don’t try this when it’s busy or you’ll be stuck at the airport for a long time.
      4. Booking in advance is always cheaper, and during busy weeks it is a necessity. The earlier you book the better, minimum 21 days in general for the best prices.
      5. From what we’ve seen, Southwest has the cheapest rates to or from Las Vegas most of the time.
      6. If you’re a high roller sometimes your casino will foot the bill for you getting here. They will generally send you an invite by email or phone.
      7. Sometimes booking a package is a discount. If you need to rent a car and get a room anyway this can be cheaper. Don’t depend on this though, other times package deals use more expensive airlines and higher-end rooms so booking individually in some instances is more cost effective if you don’t mind a little research.
      8. Best times to fly: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Red Eye Flights.
      9. Ask. Seems simple, but ask if there is a cheaper flight and your booking agent may surprise you.
      10. Look for promotions. These usually happen either just before a busy weekend or when there is little travel.
      11. Make a friend in the airline industry.
      12. Hide in the luggage.
      13. Don’t do that last one.