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Gentlemen's Clubs

Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Clubs

Sat, May 11, 2013

If there is one thing that Las Vegas is known for (besides gambling, and partying, and 24/7 lifestyle, and amazing hotels, and being the number one vacation destination in the world) it is the Strip Clubs. Las Vegas has a lot of them. We don’t have the numbers, but it’s safe to say that per capita Vegas has more Strippers than any city on earth.

Strip Club Etiquette

You can call it a Strip Club or Gentlemen’s Club. Either is fine. Don’t call it something else like an “Adult Club” or just a “Club” those can be anything from a place where people listen to loud music and dance, to one where 80 year-olds walk around in chaps and their junk hanging out while a transvestite is making out with a midget painted like a Smurf at the bar.

Be polite. They are not hookers, whores, sluts, sweeties, honeys, darlings, or anything else. Call them whatever they tell you their name is. They offer an absolutely vital service to mankind so treat them with respect. Also, many don’t like “stripper” so use “entertainer” or “dancer” – don’t worry, everyone will know what you mean.

If she is dancing with you, she likely is assuming you are going to pay her. If you don’t want a lap dance or can’t afford one that’s okay, but tell her “I’m not looking for a dance right now, thanks though,” or something of that sort. They have bills to pay so don’t make them waste a lot of time on you if you aren’t helping them out in that regard. A lot of girls will appreciate it, and if they aren’t that busy and you don’t seem like a complete ass, they might sit on your lap and say hi for a minute. Nothing wrong with a pretty girl saying hi.

Don’t ask her out just because she danced with you and laughed at your joke. That’s her job. Now, some girls do hang out later with a customer, but it is usually because you either look like Brad Pitt or... well or something else is going on. The vast majority don’t hang out with customers. Don’t expect it to ever happen, and if it is going to happen, let her bring it up.

Strippers are not Hookers. They don’t have sex with you, they dance for you. Believe it or not those are two different things. Are some strippers hookers? A few sure, but most are not. Plus it’s illegal in Las Vegas. There are bunny ranches only 20 minutes or so out of town where you can pay for sex.

Have a good time, but don’t turn into a frat boy at a kegger.

Don’t bring the wife or gf unless you know for a fact she is very cool. Strippers love to see a woman buying dances, but even the most mild-mannered “cool” wifey can get irritated with the situation – no matter what she said before you guys went. So be careful with the situation.

Vegas is fairly liberal when it comes to Strip Club rules. However, there are standards. Consider it a hands-off situation until the girl dancing for you gives you the go-ahead.

If you want to engage with one of the ladies, ask them a question. Telling them how nice their boobies are is not original. Asking her for instance “have you danced for any celebrities” is something she likely has something to say about.

Be Polite! Sure, we already covered it, but everyone is there for a good time. If you don’t have something nice to say, keep it to yourself. If you don’t want a dance from a specific girl, just smile and say “no thank you.” Trust me, she’ll get over it.

Top Ten Strip Clubs in Las Vegas

  1. Spearmint Rhino - Nearly any list you look at, for Vegas Strip Clubs or in the world, Spearmint Rhino will be toward the top. One of the biggest and according to most, the loveliest ladies in attendance, the Spearmint Rhino is always a great time.
  2. Sapphire – If bigger is better, this is the biggest... in the world. Obviously Vegas would have the world’s largest strip club.
  3. Seamless – Get ready to pay. Everything is pricey here from the girls to the drinks. However, the girls are beautiful and it turns into an after-hours club at 4 a.m., so that’s cool.
  4. Olympic Garden – On Las Vegas Blvd just north of the Strip, OG’s has been a staple of Vegas for years. OG’s has beautiful girls, a great atmosphere, plus male dancers on the second level.
  5. Treasures – Perhaps the most beautiful exterior of any club in Vegas, Treasures also has a steakhouse on the top floor. The dancers are beautiful and they often have great drink specials. A little hard to find, but any cab driver of limo should have no problem taking you.
  6. Rick’s Cabaret – This used to be Scores. Located on the corner of DI and Valley View, it’s easy enough to find. Rick’s is great for a more elegant experience.
  7. Cheetah’s – Very friendly and attractive girls. They put on great stage shows usually with multiple girls.
  8. Club Paradise – Right across from the Hard Rock. Club Paradise is a great topless club with a wide selection of both drinks and even quality cigars for sale.
  9. Crazy Horse III – One of the most famous Vegas strip clubs, Crazy Horse III has not one, not two, but three polls on stage. Many of the dancers are... acrobatic to say the least.
  10. Larry Flint’s Hustler Club – Still relatively new, this is sure to be on the top of lists for years to come. Located on Dean Martin Dr., Flint’s has beautiful ladies, 5 bars, and an oasis on the roof.

Prices and Getting There

Price for Strip Clubs varies by events, holidays, and even the time of day. Most clubs are free for locals with a $10 - $30 cover charge for tourists. Sometimes cover for women is free, but you want to check with them ahead of time. Dances are usually $20 or $30 for a 1- 3 songs, again depending on the time, day, etc. Usually you can ask for half an hour and the price will vary from $100 to $250. Drinks are not available at fully nude clubs, at topless clubs (which most are) drinks are usually a little less than a dance club would cost, but more than a bar. Often strip clubs will have a happy hour, but this is usually seasonal, for instance during football season if a game is on Treasures will have $2 beer or something of that nature. Every cab driver and limo driver knows exactly where every club is. Most are a bit difficult to find on your own though so get directions if you’re driving.