Going To Vegas
Holiday Season

Las Vegas for the Holiday Season

Sun, Feb 17, 2013

ďJingle Slots, Jingle Slots, Jingle all the WayĒ. Okay, maybe Vegas isnít the first thing that comes to mind during the Holiday Season, but you may be surprised just how popular Sin City is basically from Black Friday until the day after Christmas. During the coldest time of the Vegas calendar year, you actually should book pretty early if you are planning a trip. That Christmas is so close to New Years, the biggest party of the year in Vegas, specifically can make it difficult to get a room.

And many have saved up some vacation time, and want to double their bonuses in the casinos on the Strip and Downtown.

If youíre coming here from California, and for those of us who live here in Las Vegas, December is actually really cold. However, youíll see those from Midwest climates in shorts and a t-shirt Ė itís mind boggling frankly, but slightly more comfortable weather I suppose is another bonus if you are from the tundra somewhere. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are coming to Las Vegas during the Holiday Season:

  1. Book early. Hotels arenít completely full, but it is a busy time of year.
  2. Dress warm. According to the Farmerís Almanac, temperatures average from the mid 40ís to lower 50ís Fahrenheit most of the winter, occasionally dipping below freezing at night. Some believe itís warm here year round. It is not.
  3. If youíre dreaming of a white Christmas, youíll need to go to Mt. Charleston. It snows in Vegas maybe once every three or four years.

Shopping in Vegas

One of the main pastimes during the Holiday Season is shopping of course, and the shops around the Strip will be full. If you are looking for specials and pre-Christmas deals, youíll need to go off the Strip. To find out more about where to get your gifts in Vegas this Holiday Season see our Shopping section.

Santa Clause

You can see him walking up and down the Strip and Downtown and in Malls throughout the Vegas area. The Boulevard Mall east of the Strip has a great set-up to sit with Santa and take pictures. You may or may not have heard of the Great Santa Run, this is a marathon that goes down Las Vegas Blvd, where runners dress as Santa to raise money for charity. Perhaps the single largest gathering of Santaís in Vegas, but this takes place earlier December, on the 4th of December this year.

Holiday Events

Events vary year to year, and by casino throughout Las Vegas. Check with your hotel for any special events. And look for restaurants serving classic Christmas dinners, every casino will have at least one restaurant within serving Christmas meals. Hanukah is also big in Vegas, and look for hosted events and kosher food options Ė this will also vary year to year and by casino.