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Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino

3570 Las Vegas Blvd South
4.5 star hotel
No of Rooms46
LocationOn Strip
Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is one of the oldest Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, built in 1966. For a time it was the epitamy of luxury for Vegas Casinos, but since has lost its 5 star rating, today rated at 4.5 stars. Despite this it remains world famous and one of the nicest Hotels anywhere in Las Vegas. It has also gone through a number of reinventions and despite its age remains modern today. In addition to being one of the nicer hotels for guests staying in regular rooms, it is a favorite of high rollers and features some of the nicest suites anywhere on the Strip. Caesars is 129,000 square feet and was at the time one of the largest hotel casinos in the world, today it remains one of the largest on the Strip and anywhere.

It offers a full range of services for regular guests, and those staying in suites or the villa and lanai area enjoy some of the best service and luxury anywhere on the Strip.


At 14,000 square feet, Caesars has the largest poker room in Las Vegas. Many come here for their wide range of poker games and varying limits. Both lower limit games and high limit games are being played in the poker room at all hours and every day of the year. Similarly the casino floor features a mix of limits, table games vary by the season and gambling is available for high rollers and passive gamblers alike. The casino floor is large with a variety of slots and all of the staple games of any casino.

Caesers Palace Room


Caesars was at the time it was built one of the largest hotels in the world, and even today it remains one of the biggest both on the Strip and in the world. They feature 3,348 rooms spread across 5 towers including Roman, Centurion, Forum, Palace, and Augustus. In addition there are a number of suites and an villa and lanai area. The villas and lanais are often reserved for high rollers, or “whales” as they are often referred to in Las Vegas.


Prices vary significantly at Caesars, and perhaps more so than other casinos due to the mix of rooms and gambling catering both to regular vacationers, and in other areas catering to extremely high rollers. Regular rooms are comparable to room rates of surrounding casinos, less than Bellagio on one side, often more than hotels like New York-New York, MGM, Monte Carlo, Bally’s and others. All prices from gambling to room rates vary by the season and how full the hotel is. Also it should be noted that Caesars is a popular destination for Conventions, both within the hotel and Conventions held anywhere on the Strip or at larger venues throughout Vegas, and this can impact prices even when other places on the Strip may not be as busy. Booking ahead is always recommended.

Caesers Palace Restaurants


Caesars is well-known for excellent dining, from top tier, world famous restaurants to places that offer excellent deals by Strip standards. Some restaurants include: Augustus Café, Beijing Noodle #9, Bradley Ogden, Café Lago, Central 24/7, Cypress Street Marketplace, Guy Savoy, Hyakumi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, Mesa Grill, Munch, Neros, Payard Patisserie & Bistro, Rao’s, Sea Harbour, and Serendipity 3. In addition there are several restaurants within the world famous forum shops at Caesars.


Caesars has several bars both on the casino floor, and several restaurants feature a bar area. In addition there are a couple lounges within Caesars which serve drinks 24/7.

Caesers Palace Shops


Caesars is home of the world famous forum shops which features a wide range of high-end boutiques to specialty shops. People do visit the forum shops from everywhere in the world specifically for the shopping, and there are many products you may not be able to find anywhere else in the forum shops. The forum shops also has entertainment, food, and drink available and caters both to luxury shoppers and tourists.

Caesers Palace Nightclubs


Caesars is a staple for Las Vegas nightlife and has been since it opened its doors. Today Pure Nightclub is one of the most popular clubs in Vegas and in the world.


The hotel features full service, from maid service, dry-cleaning and laundry, concierge, wake-up calls and everything else found at hotels throughout the Strip, in addition areas of the hotel may offer butler service. Shuttle service is available through and outside firm.


Caesars is well known for its convention area and features three large rooms which host events nearly year round, Colosseum Ballroom 35,000 sq. ft, Caesars Ballroom 24,000 sq. ft, and Palace Tower 110,000 sq. ft.

Caesers Palace Pool


Caesars has a beautiful pool area in a Roman style featuring 8 different pools, various services, drinks and food. Caesars also features the Venus Pool Club. Pool is open to guests and areas may be open to the public for a fee in the summer months.


Matt Gross, Celine Dion, and Absinthe are popular shows at Caesars.


Caesars has one of the largest and most popular spas in all of Vegas with a range of services from a comprehensive list of regular spa services to specialty services, they also have a gym and several amenities. Contact the hotel for details.