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March Madness

Las Vegas During March Madness

Tue, Nov 27, 2012

Is there anything more rabid than a college basketball fan in March? March Madness may be the second most popular time for betting on your favorite team next to the Super Bowl. Itís also a great time to visit one of Vegasí many excellent Sports Bars. Here are a few great places to go during March Madness:

  1. ESPN Zone in New York-New York
  2. Planet Hollywood at Caesars Palace, not to be confused with Planet Hollywood the Casino.
  3. Le Burger Brasserie at Paris.
  4. Blondies in the Miracle Mile of Shops in Planet Hollywood.
  5. Margaritaville in the Flamingo.
  6. Flamingoís Burger Joint in Flamingo.
  7. Ballyís Sportís Book.

And any Sports Book at any of the casinos in town is sure to be exciting, often bars and Sports Books will have March Madness events, and these will vary each year.

What to Keep in Mind When Visiting Las Vegas During March Madness

Hotels usually arenít filled, but as it gets closer to the final four, they will be busier so book early.

March in Las Vegas is usually some of the nicest weather of the year, but some years it may still be quite cold, and others fairly hot so check the forecast before traveling.

Many schools have Spring Break in March, this with college basketball means you should be ready to encounter hordes of eighteen to twenty somethings roaming drunkenly Ė yes, 21 is still the legal drinking age but that hasnít seemed to stop anyone.