Going To Vegas

Las Vegas for Special Occasions

Wed, Jun 05, 2013

Well not all of them are great. But if there is a city (besides Hollywood of course) that has had more movies based on it or filmed in it partially or in whole weíve never heard of it. Some of these gems will surprise you, most you probably never even heard of. See how many you can name before reading the list.

A trip to Vegas is a special occasion in itself, however if you need an excuse to come here, we have tons of them. Nearly every weekend youíll find something amazing and unique happening in Sin City. In this section weíll go over the following special occasions:

Bachelors Parties
Bachelorette Parties
Divorce Parties
Retirement Parties

Naturally personal occasions come in all shapes and sizes, and Vegas will cater to any of them. See if one of the above applies, or make one up. Did you find a missing sock behind the washer? Sounds like itís time to celebrate with a trip to Vegas.