Going To Vegas

Staying Safe in Las Vegas

Wed, Dec 31, 1969

While the days of getting thumbs chopped off for not paying a gambling debt are done and over, Las Vegas still has its dangers as any city has. The moniker ďSin CityĒ refers mainly to gambling and an enormous number of Strip Clubs throughout Vegas (which some would argue is hardly that sinful). The name does not allude to some notion you may have your purse snatched at any second. Overall Las Vegas is relatively safe, but here are some tips:

  1. If you have small children never leave them alone while mommy and daddy get their Blackjack on. This is true anywhere but especially in a city with a large concentration of people in one area.
  2. If you donít know the area you are in, stick to the tourist spots. Most of Las Vegas is safe as Mayberry, however there are places just outside of Downtown and on the north end of the Strip that have a seedier element.
  3. Always carry a cell phone so you can get in touch with your group if you do happen to get lost.
  4. Ask for directions. Most people working in any service role in Vegas are expected to know how to direct lost tourists. Donít simply start wandering around hoping to find whatever, ask someone.
  5. Try using traveler checks instead of large amounts of cash, and donít carry all of it with you at once.
  6. Make sure you have written your credit card numbers down, or have them memorized incase you lose your wallet.
  7. Donít leave purses or wallets lying around... should go without saying but youíd be surprised how many think they can leave a purse on the chair by the slot machine while they go to the bathroom and everything will be fine.
    Keep track of your room keys. If you lose your room key ask the hotel security for an escort to your room.
  8. Donít flash your money. Itís not impressive but it is tempting to thieves.
  9. Donít play ďThree Card MontyĒ outside of the casino or ďhelp someone cash their chips.Ē These are scams and hundreds fall for them every year.

Mostly common knowledge stuff, but easy to forget when youíre having a good time. Other tips include traveling to a remote monastery in the Himalayas and training to become a ninja before your trip, or you could bring a trained fighter chimp escort. These are more difficult though so stick to the tips above and you should be okay.