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Super Bowl
Super Bowl

Las Vegas for the Super Bowl

Wed, Dec 31, 1969

The last Thursday of November every year millions flock to Vegas for the biggest party ever... okay, Thanksgiving might be the one Holiday that isn’t huge in Las Vegas. Here is what to keep in mind for Thanksgiving in Las Vegas:

1. Always book early for any Holiday in Las Vegas, though it shouldn’t be hard to find a room.
2. It is cold in November in Las Vegas, so dress accordingly.

So if you came to Las Vegas to gamble on some football games, or just to get away for the traditional family Holiday, you probably still want a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Every hotel has at least one restaurant offering a traditional Thanksgiving meal, so check with the hotel you are staying at. Unfortunately there are no huge parties or events on Thanksgiving, at least not any which happen every year, but check with your hotel for any events, and look for Sports Bars to enjoy the game.