Going To Vegas

Las Vegas for the Ultra Wealthy

Wed, Dec 31, 1969

Let's face it, high rollers come a dime a dozen in Vegas. However the real whales are the ones who really get to see what Vegas is all about. A whale in Vegas is a multi-millionaire (of the upper 8+ digit variety), and you get everything and anything you want in Vegas if you are stacking those kinds of chips.


Maybe you already own one. If not for the price of a small one in Wyoming you can stay 1 night in the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in the Palms, a paltry 40k/night.

For this you get an infinity pool that seems to perilously flow off the edge of the balcony (it doesn't really though), your own glass elevator, a rotating bed with mirrors of course, a massage room, screening room, private gym, eight person hot tub, unicorn... not a unicorn, but everything else mentioned there. Also in the Palms is the Hardwood Suite, with an NBA half court and Murphy beds in the walls so you can start shooting the second you wake up. Palms Place has a number of themed suites ranging from $9,000/night and up.

Other insanely pricey accommodations include a suite at Caesars' with a Sky Vodka theme, 20 televisions, and a golf simulator. MGM Grand's Skyloft is super high-tech, TVs in the mirrors, tubs that fill with tiny bubbles (I mean, fills with actual bubbles, not a bubble bath), and much more, plus a butler picks you up from the airport in a Maybach 62. You may also want to look at the Duplex Suite at Caesars' for $3,500 per night and Chairman Suite at Bellagio for $6,000.

Some of the older casinos like the Mirage or Bellagio have hidden Lanais and Villas that run you 5 figures per night and up, and feature expensive art, mixed with more modern accommodations and full butler service all hidden from the casino and the humdrum suites in the towers.


As far as we know, Cher and Celine Dion don't give private concerts in suites. However all of the famous shows on the Strip feature great VIP seating and other special accommodations for big spenders so you really get the most out of the show. For more on entertainment, see the High Roller section.


Sure you could find the high limits table, and make the only-extremely-wealthy feel like paupers as you deftly stack 20k per hand, but why bother when you can get your own private table or room? Most casinos offer private gambling for the extremely wealthy, with none of the distractions of the casino floor, just you and the dealer. You can also find high limit slots in many of the casinos on the Strip. How about $1000 per pull Double Diamond Slots?


Well, you can get a driver to take you by limo, but who doesn't in Vegas? How about a driver to take you where you're going in a Maybach or Bentley? If you feel like driving yourself, check out Dream Car Rentals. You can rent anything from a new Lamborghini Gallardo to a 1968 Pontiac GTO.

Getting Here

Take a private Jet of course, or a helicopter depending on how far you’re coming from. There are several private airports throughout Las Vegas – have your people work out the details.