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10 things you need to know about Mayweather v McGregor

10 things you need to know about Mayweather v McGregor

Mon, Aug 28, 2017

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. meet at the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday for a bout which, even by Vegas standards, is hyped to the hilt.

We take a look at Saturday night’s fight by 10 important numbers.

1. 4 – the number of bouts Conor McGregor has fought since Floyd Mayweather Jr retired from boxing. A total of 12 minutes and 29 seconds in the octagon including an incredible thirteen second win over Jose Aldo, ended with McGregor’s first left landed on the Brazilian’s jaw.

2. 0 – the number of defeats suffered by Floyd Mayweather Jr in his 49 professional bouts is the same number of professional boxing bouts Conor McGregor has undertaken. Nothing like being thrown in at the deep end.

Oscar de la Hoya declared that zero is also the number of punches that the UFC legend will land on the boing legend; Sugar Ray Leonard agrees.

3. 1 – the round in which McGregor claims he will end Mayweather’s unbeaten record:

“I'm a special man, I'll prove that August 26. I think it'll happen, one or two rounds. Part of me is saying I'll badly hurt him and play with him after the 10 second count.

"I will have the ability to take him out. He will be on the floor after the first and the second and if he survives it, after that I'll decide if I embarrass him or put him out his misery."

 Plenty tried but everyone has failed so far. The King of the Ring may think differently about the Dubliner’s brash claims.4 . $100m – the purse for Floyd Mayweather Jr, which drew him out of retirement and ends his woes with the IRS. The undefeated former world champion owes the US tax authorities $29m but they released their lien over his earnings. That could be more painful for the Michigan-born fighter.

McGregor by contrast is receiving a paltry $75m.

By contrast, Neymar Jr must play for 2½ seasons at Paris St Germain to earn the same as McGregor and three seasons to match Mayweather’s earnings.

5. 52 – the average number of monthly fashion-related posts on McGregor’s social media accounts. Research by Betway highlighted that 2017 was the year when the Irishman’s status as style icon came into its’ own.

Hailed by the industry for being a sharp-dressed man, the Dubliner ridiculed Mayweather for his tasteless attire.

“What the f*ck is he wearing? He looks like a little break dancer or something...He’s 40! You’re 40 years of age. Dress your f*cking age...”

The last time Las Vegas saw this much bling in one place, Liberace was still pulling up a stool to his piano at the Hilton. McGregor has shoes which require their own ‘pet passport’ as the materials aren’t permitted in certain US states. You couldn’t make it up.

6. 8 – the weight of the gloves which will be used in the bout. Under usual boxing rules, the 154lb weight dictates the use of 10oz gloves but the Nevada State Athletic Commission acceded to Mayweather’s request that the lighter gloves be used.

It takes them down closer to the 4oz gloves McGregor wears during his UFC bouts which many, including the Notorious’ camp believe hands him the advantage. Mayweather though will be able to counter the Irishman’s quick hands faster and has given himself a better defensive option with the lighter gloves.

7. 26 – the number of bouts Mayweather has won by knockouts, representing 53.1% of his bouts. McGregor has, by contrast, recorded 16 of his 21 wins by KO or TKO using punches (76.2%).

McGregor wasted no time during the trash talking tour promoting the fight, to remind Mayweather that he hadn’t knocked out an opponent in almost six years when Victor Ortiz was sent tumbling to the canvas in the fourth of twelve scheduled rounds.

8. $700m – the estimated gross for the fight, making it the richest-ever in boxing history. The T-Mobile Arena is the biggest venue in Las Vegas with a 20,000 capacity. Tickets are selling on the black market for upwards of $6,500, making the touts a handsome profit along the way.

9. 2 – the number of years this fight has been in the making. Conan O’Brien first floated the idea in the public domain two years ago when Mayweather Jr featured as a guest on his chat show.

Things really got interesting when the fighters began calling each other out while negotiations were ongoing. As soon as it reached social media, there was no way this bout wasn’t going to happen.

10. 1 – winner and 1 bruised ego. While the pair may hold a professional respect, their personal contempt transcended the trash talk. Even by the standards of braggadocio usually applied to boxing promotion, the verbal sparring was as jarring as either landing a punch.

The loser must man up and lose gracefully while the winner has to suppress the urge to grind his opponent’s ego into the ground and drag their name through the mud.

Unless there’s going to be a rematch, of course…